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1844 20th Avenue, Arkdale, WI 54613
AUG 8, 2024 | Doors Open at 5:30PM
Event begins at 7PM


Diane Doyle is a believer. She believes that the gift she was born with is one to be shared.  Her talent as a medium allows her to give the gift of healing to the many she comes in contact with who are searching for answers or closure.  Having been born with this rare ability, she believes it to be her true calling from God.

Diane is able to provide messages from beyond the physical world as well as the ability to tunnel the presence of non-physical energy relaying information to the people she reads.

Diane and her husband Bobby currently call New Lisbon, Wisconsin home. Her Home is near all her friends and family.​

"I struggled with this gift early on and after many years have realized this is a gift to be used to help people, a gift from God. I began doing readings in my 20's, have been tested by the University of Arizona, and believe now is the time to fulfill my destiny. I enjoy being able to help people reconnect with loved ones." said Diane.



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I can’t even fully explain the amount of detail Diane had during my reading. Everything was spot on, even with my very confusing history! I am so happy I had this experience, it brought me so much relief, forgiveness, and peace. I’m recommending Diane to everyone I know! Thank you so much for this experience, Diane, it meant so much to me.

Courtney F.

Diane was recommended to me by a friend and she did not disappoint. She was able to reconnect me with my boyfriend who had passed in a tragedy. She told the entire story of his passing through him and knew specific details. She provided me with so much peace and clarity that I was in need of. She answered so many questions that I had and conveyed his personality perfectly. She is the real deal and has a special gift. If you are wanting to hear from a loved one, she is worth every dollar.


Aleena M.

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I can't say enough kind things about my reading with Diane; it provided me peace and closure that I needed since my pops passed away 2/6/17. Diane provided me, my sister, and my mom information that only our loved ones could pass on to Diane. I have always longed to know about my two children I had lost in miscarriages, they were there with my pops; my heart is gleeful, and cannot wait to meet my two boys one day. God has truly,100% blessed Diane with a gift that provides God's continuing love to us by allowing us to once again connect with our loved ones. Diane.... I hope to meet you again one day, it was a moment in life that will not be forgotten. Thank you and God bless you!!


Amy W.

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As soon as walked through the door, she made me feel like we had been friends for a long time! Very comfortable! She was so spot on, she’s real, she knew things that I had forgotten about! I will be going back!


Cindy O.

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Diane was highly recommended and let me tell you I was amazed at our encounter. So much was told about my mom that it really put me at ease. Nobody would have known what she knew. When she told me things I was like wow she's the real deal. I am telling my friends about Diane. I would consider going back as well. She really has an amazing grace about her and I felt so comfortable. Thank you, Diane.


Love and light.


Corrine W.

Diane was absolutely amazing! We were hoping to connect with my father-in-law, and we were not disappointed! Diane had us smiling and laughing through our tears, it was the most satisfying feeling. We had questions we wanted to ask, and we were able to get them answered. At times we all had shivers and chills, and the bonus was my maternal grandparents also came through. All my husband could say when it was over, was Wow!


We left feeling relief and very loved, I would highly recommend Diane.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts <3 <3 <3 <3


Terese B.

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Diane was amazing!


I was very anxious when I arrived and she made me feel completely comfortable! I was hoping to connect with my mom who had passed last year around this time. No doubt that’s exactly what I got without explaining a word of what I was looking for. This overall experience was something that gave me a little bit of peace. For that, I thank and love what Diane has the ability to do. If you don’t believe it try it for yourself and book an appointment now!


Prepare to be amazed. nothing but good vibes here!  


Tawny S.

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I want to thank Diane for meeting with me and Lori yesterday. It was interesting, funny, sad/emotional but just what Lori and I needed. Diane was so very kind, we felt totally comfortable in every way. She also was extremely accurate. She doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, she doesn’t pump you with questions first, she knew nothing about us prior to meeting but that didn’t stop her from telling us what she did know, which was correct.


I would highly recommend Diane, and Lori and I fully intend to go back again.  


Sheri B.

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Diane is a wonderful lady who is very welcoming. We had a very tragic event take place in our family and she was able to provide details and knew things about this case that only family knows. She drew a picture of my aunts house and mapped out the rooms giving very specific details. I had chills the whole time wondering how it was even possible that she could be telling us the things she was. Although a tragic event, she was able to give us peace of mind. I went it to this with an open mind but still very hesitant and questioned how mediums could be real.


Diane is the real deal and I highly recommend her.


Nichole K.

I never thought that I would be one to see a medium, but was drawn to go see Diane, as I had heard nothing but positive things about her. My experience proved those to be true. I’m so very glad that I went. I feel so much better knowing that my loved one is okay and is watching over me, and having that reassurance was a huge step forward for me.


I will definitely be recommending her to friends and family and I do recommend her to anyone that is considering visiting a medium.


Can’t wait to meet with you again Diane.


Elizabeth O. 

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