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Halloween Dinner & Readings with Medium Diane Doyle

The veil is thin between you and your loved ones on Halloween. 

"Around this time of year, legend has it that the veil between the earthly plane and the spiritual world is thin, meaning the two realms collide, and it is easier for spirits to cross over and walk among the living, and vice versa — souls ready to move on are prepped for an exit.

This ethereal curtain is believed to thin just as the days begin to get shorter and the nights stretch longer, perfectly timed with the season." - Jessica Flammang 

Join Medium Diane Doyle for a unique experience connecting with your loved ones.  While we tend to put a "spooky" spin on Halloween, what Diane does is far from spooky.  Diane brings peace and healing to those missing their loved ones. 

COSTUME CONTEST - Win a copy of Medium Diane Doyle's book Spirits In Her Room.

WHERE:  Shady Akers 

               1881 County Rd Z

                Arkdale, WI

WHEN:  October 31 

             Doors open at 6:00 for a dinner buffet (chili, salad, & other fixin's) Cash bar.

             Readings start at 7:00

** Diane does not guarantee readings for everyone.  She tries to do as many as she can.

TICKETS:  $50 includes dinner (+2.32 Paypal fee)

-- We have a new ticketing process. You'll click on the date of the event to register, then click the time and continue with your information.  You'll have to register each person attending (you can put them all under the same name if you'd like)

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